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Board Members

Golden Heart Softball Association is proud to present your board members. GHSA has a four-member executive board staff, and a 5 person board of directors for a total of 9 voting positions. If you would like to get more information about being a board member, please contact any one of the board members or the office manager.

Kat Copeland - CoEd D / Womens C
Board President - GHSA Board 
Fairbanks District Commissioner - State Board
Kat has been an active member of GHSA since 2000, and an active member on the State Board since 2008.  Adult softball's longevity in Fairbanks is very important to Kat and being a part of an organization that brings a community of people together for good summer fun is all that matters when our summer literally consists of 4 good months of softball.

Jake Theurich - CoEd C / Mens C 
Board Vice President - GHSA Board 
Fairbanks Player Rep - State Board
Jake has been involved with GHSA since 2002.  Jake joined the board in 2007 and became the Fairbanks Players Rep for the USA Softball State Board in 2015.  He currently holds the vice-president board position.

Clint Kerns - CoEd D  
Board Treasurer - GHSA Board
Clint was born and raised in Fairbanks, he has been an active member since 1994.  Not only has Clint been playing with GHSA for over 20 years, but he has coached multiple of teams and has been an umpire since 2009.  Clint joined the board in 2021 and has been the Treasurer since 2022.  His favorite team in the CUBBIES!!!

Roxie Johnson - CoEd E
Board Secretary - GHSA Board 
Roxie was born loving baseball and started playing in the second grade.  She was the only female in the league for years before playing fast pitch as a teenager.  Roxie joined the board in 2022 and accepted the open Secretary position immediately.  Roxie is very passionate about softball and is excited to help grow and strengthen the softball community.

Roscoe Britton - CoEd D / Mens D
At Large Member
Roscoe has been an active member of GHSA since 2020.  He has over 8 decades of playing and umpiring experience and is a true assest to the board.

Allie Plachinski - CoEd D
At Large Member

Allie is an at-large member representing CoEd D.  She has been an active member of GHSA since 2019 and a board member since 2020.  She will also be joining the State Board as an at-large member in 2023.  Allie is passionate about softball and growing our community!

Julie Chavez - CoEd D / Womens E
At Large Member

Julie has been an active member of GHSA since 2005 and has served on the GHSA board starting in 2020.  Julie continues to encourage new members as well as supporting our current community.

Golden Heart Softball

Jamie Darby - CoEd E / CoEd Rec / Womens E
At Large Member

Josh Lawrence - Mens D / CoEd D
At Large Member
Josh is from Sparta WI and has spent 20 years in the service and will be retiring in 2024.  HE is making Fairbanks his home and has been apart of the softball comminutiy since 2008.  Josh is our newest member joning the board in 2023.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the members, or meet with us during our monthly board meeting.  They are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm upstairs at Hez Ray during the summer months.  During the winter months we meet throughout the community at a local restaurant.

     Golden Heart Softball