Smaller Equipment Is Big In Fitness Right Now

Smaller Equipment Is Big In Fitness Right Now

Whether you’re going to the gym or working out at home, you might not want to deal with huge pieces of exercise equipment that are hard to move and manage. Maybe that’s why small equipment is the big trend in fitness right now. When it comes to shaping and slimming your body, it’s time to think small.

Portable Toning Equipment

You don’t necessarily need a special machine to tone every single part of your midsection and strengthen your core. You can work out most of your abdominal muscles using a small ab wheel. This tool is highly effective for giving you an advanced core workout, and it’s light and easy to transport. Ab wheels are simply a small wheel with a handle on either side. Grip it, roll it and work those abs.

Resistance bands should be part of any exercise collection. You can use them to tighten and tone every muscle in the body. Resistance bands can be added to many traditional exercises, or they can be used as a workout tool of their own. With resistance bands, you can add strength-training to any type of workout. They’re also lightweight and compact, and they can be rolled up and folded to take up very little space.

Weighted wristbands and ankle weights are another easy way to add some strength-training to any workout. Instead of dumbbells, which are heavy and can be difficult to store, get some weighted bands. This way, you can build muscle strength while you’re doing cardio, yoga and other types of workouts.

Easy Cardio Tools

Doing cardio can get old pretty quickly because it’s often at the core of many workout routines. You need cardio to burn calories, but it’s always nice to mix it up a little. Luckily, there are tools you can add to your exercise arsenal that are a lot smaller and easier to move than treadmills and exercise bikes.

There’s a reason that boxers and fighters train with a jump rope: it works and it’s easy. Anyone can learn how to jump rope, and it’s an inexpensive yet highly effective way to get some great cardio. Try it for five minutes and see if you don’t break into a pretty good sweat. Simply fold the rope when you aren’t using it and store it anywhere.

Under-desk elliptical machines have no handles and hardly any bulk. They are just two slim pedals for your feet with a mechanism between them and short, small legs that support the device. It’s made to fit under a desk and it can be used with just about any chair. With this compact machine, any regular chair can become part of your elliptical machine.

Big Results in a Small Package

Let the gym buy all the big equipment. You can get an amazing and effective workout using small equipment that can be tucked away in a drawer or cabinet when it’s not in use. Small equipment requires zero setup and it gives you portability and convenience. The easier it is to workout, the more likely you are to do it — which means you will be that much closer to getting the body you want.

Bella Thorne Kicked Out Of Mod Sun’s Home Post Breakup, Cops Called

Bella Thorne‘s split from Mod Sun is already getting ugly, she got booted from her ex’s house after she snuck in and tried to grab some of her stuff … and the cops got involved.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … Bella waltzed into Mod Sun’s Woodland Hills home unannounced Tuesday night, coming in through a back door when he wasn’t home. We’re told Bella wasn’t supposed to be there and Mod Sun’s team asked her to leave, but she got angry and refused — so they called the police.

Our sources say Bella told Mod Sun’s people she was just there to pick up some personal items … and she kept rummaging through the house while being asked to get the hell outta there.

Cops responded, but they didn’t arrest Bella … and we’re told she hit the road without further incident.

Bella and Mod Sun started dating back in 2017 … but she announced their split Monday night after they went to Coachella together.

We’re told Bella didn’t even grab all her things before she got the heave-ho … and she still has some belongings at his place.

Might be time for Bella to let professional movers take over — she’s clearly persona non grata.

Mo’Nique Addresses Whoopi Goldberg “Shade” — Still Doesn’t Get It

There are just some people who don’t get it, and Mo’Nique is one of them. Though I can’t speak to her personal life struggles, I can speak to the expectation that actors engage in a limited amount of publicity to promote their project, which is in their contract. When they choose to forgo that expectation, they risk being shunned by an industry who relies on it.

When Tyler Perry honestly told the ‘Precious’ star that her “unapologetic” approach got her blacklisted, she doubled down, insisting that she is merely standing up for her right to get paid. Whoopi Goldberg offered advice during her appearance on ‘The View,’ and she again dug her heels in, saying that Goldberg was herself operating out of her own fear. I do not know Whoopi Goldberg personally, but I’d bet my bank account on the fact that she is NOT fearful.

I support Mo’Nique’s right to stand up for herself, but I simply do not agree that this particular event warranted that response. Studios always ask for publicity surrounding a project. That’s why you see actors on late night television talking about their latest creative endeavor. Those actors do not get paid for that promotion.

In the video below, you’ll see Mo’Nique admit that Whoopi Golberg advised her to drop her husband as her manager. This seems like shrewd advice. While we all would enjoy a partner who beefs up our ego and believes we are the greatest gift to mankind, that type of relationship can be covertly toxic. Balance is everything.

Channel 4 star AJ Odudu just bagged herself a huge fashion campaign

AJ Odudo, who recently won over viewers on Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, is fast becoming the one to watch. From her work on The Voice Kids, her lipstick collection with L’Oreal and The Prince’s Trust and her honest approach to social media, she’s definitely the name on everyone’s lips right now. With all that in mind, it’s not surprising that the 31-year-old has been cherry-picked to front a new summer campaign for high street store Lindex.

The collection, perfectly timed for spring summer, consists of 26 pieces co-designed by Swedish fashion brand By Malina and was inspired by the heat of the Mediterranean. Jam-packed with holiday essentials, the collection is already flying off the shelves thanks to the amazing weather we’ve been having (please don’t go!). It might also be down to AJ’s impressive modelling skills. In the snaps, you can see her showing off her incredible figure in pieces from the swimwear pieces in the collection, and if you’re wondering how she has such a great bod – it’s all down to hard work. Not only is she a skilled TV presenter, the Blackburn-born beauty is also a qualified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Yes, really. In the past, she has worked with brands such as Nike, Reebok and Fitness First, and she loves running.

She revealed: “I have anxiety and self-doubt all the time, it’s a battle… ‘Are you good enough? Are you too loud? Are you too opinionated?’

“I think it’s really important to embrace what’s different about yourself. Being different means being unique and that’s what makes the world and exciting place to be in … In Blackburn where I grew up… there was no other black children. I looked different, I had different skin, my hair was different… I would get called names in school. It would always be reflective on what my hair and skin looked like.”

As it turns out, AJ – who was famously introduced to her agent by Russell Brand – confessed that it was her differences which got her to where she is today: “The differences that I had grown up disliking were the exact differences that got me [my dream] job.”

AJ continued: “I have experienced first-hand what a confidence boost can do, for my morale, spirit and belief in myself. So to be able to pass it on to one person is brilliant, but to help thousands of people is incredible.”

Whoa! RISQUE thigh-split dresses were the biggest trend at the TV BAFTAs

Remember when Angelina Jolie and her right leg went viral during the 2012 Oscars? Well, fast forward seven years and the exposed right leg is the biggest fashion trend of the night at the BAFTA TV Awards. To be honest, flashing the flesh was the absolute go-to look for the awards bash – whether it was sheer, plunging or backless – skin is most definitely in right now. And who can blame the celebs?! The sun was shining as they hit the red carpet, and it was plain to see that thigh-high dresses were the biggest trend of the night.

Holly Willoughby, styled by Angie Smith, gave us a whole lot of leg in her indigo-coloured dress by Maria Lucia Hohan. The morning TV star covered her modesty thanks to a matching bodysuit underneath.

Holly’s pal, Rochelle Humes, also had a swit-swoo moment in her sheer designer gown by YSL. The sheer, plunge-neck, thigh-high gown was a brave choice for the 30-year-old, but she looked incredible.

Ruth Wilson looked classy in her Alessandra Rich gown which gave us a deep V and a high leg. The Mrs Wilson actress opted for a pair of sheer black tights for her look – keeping her modesty in check.

Billie Piper also went for the deep thigh-split with her Dundas gown. The perfect way to show off those Jimmy Choo shoes though if you ask us.

Scarlett Moffatt didn’t want to be left out, and she too rocked a thigh-split dress, complete with an exposed arm – another big trend of the night.

Paloma Faith was another one to get the memo, and strutted her stuff on the red carpet in a pair of clumpy black boots and a thigh-split black dress.

Charlotte Hawkins, who had her Sandy from Grease moment for this outing, brought her A-game in her revealing Suzanne Neville frock.

James Holzhauer Claims He’s the DeShaun Watson of ‘Jeopardy’

“Jeopardy” phenom James Holzhauer says if he had to compare himself to a pro athlete, he’d DEFINITELY go with DeShaun Watson … because he can do it all!!!

Holzhauer — who’s chasing Ken Jennings for most winnings in “Jeopardy” history — appeared on FS1’s “Lock It In” on Tuesday to talk about his pre-game show life as a pro sports bettor.

During the show, Holzhauer said he was a hardcore online poker player before making the jump to sports gambling — but now he puts together complex mathematical models to find an advantage when it comes to wagering on games.

Holzhauer says he bets on everything from football to hockey to college basketball — and LOVES to make in-game wagers because he thinks he has an edge because the oddsmakers don’t have enough time to set an accurate line.

And, just to prove he ALWAYS wins, Holzhauer told the guys he bet on the Rams to beat the Saints in the 2018 NFC championship game … but he had 3.5 points, so he didn’t care which team kicked the winning field goal in overtime!!!

One last thing … Holzhauer wasn’t afraid to talk TRASH to the hosts of the show. When asked which host would do the best on “Jeopardy,” James told the group whichever person is smart enough to “keep your trap shut” for the entire game so they wouldn’t fall below $0.


3 Natural Ingredients to Tone Your Skin

Our skin is a stubborn thing. One minute it looks glowing and healthy and the next, a slight hormonal change can cause redness and outbreaks that we could really do without. So what causes you to have uneven skin tone? Those dark or red patches are caused by an increase in melanin production. This is a natural pigment of your skin and is responsible for your skin, hair and eye colour. But too much of it can cause dark patches and spots!

Did you know that its not only hormones that can trigger an increase in melanin? Sun damage and medications can also increase production and cause dark patches.

What natural remedies are there to help?

There are a number of natural remedies on the market at the moment, from massage oils by companies such as Neals Yard which help detox and stimulate the skin to the likes of green tea and lemon juice, here are some of the top remedies to help you fight back against those dark patches and spots.


Not something you would often link with the likes of skincare yet here we are! A rediscovered super spice, turmeric is used in cooking in countries such as India for their favourite dishes. Not only is it a powerful antioxidant but it is also said to be ideal for evening out skin tone. Make your own mask at home and have a bit of a DYI beauty evening by mixing turmeric with lemon juice, leave on your skin for 10 minutes or so before gently rinsing off. If you have sensitive skin, try the turmeric with almond oil instead.

Lemon juice

This miracle fruit is great for keeping those dark patches at bay! With it’s naturally acidic properties, applying it to your face will help exfoliate and brighten your skin tone. Pop the juices directly onto your skin, let it sit and work it’s magic for a few minutes before rinsing off. Like with the above, if you have sensitive skin be careful as lemon can irritate some people!

Vitamin C

Designed to naturally brighten and even up your skin, vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant that can protect your skin from environmental stresses such as fine particles like dust and UV radiation. You can find vitamin C is a number of different serums, creams and oils on the market so definitely add one of these products in with your daily skincare routine.

Natural is always best

When it comes to taking care of your skin and evening out your skin tone natural is always going to be best. With plants, herbs and fruits and other natural ingredients like vitamin B3, sunflower seed oil and almond oil now becoming more prominent in many skincare products, it’s safe to say that nature really does provide all the solutions we need.

There’s A Catch To Enjoying Good Health In Your 20s

Your 20s are the age when good health seems almost automatic and you encounter few health problems, but here’s the catch: If you do have a disease during this decade it may have been preventable. It’s not surprising that protecting your sexual health should be at the top of your list when you realize that the American Sexual Health Association says one in two sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) by the age of 25.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 41.3 percent of adults between the ages of 20 and 29 have herpes simplex virus 1. Physicians say practicing safe sex and getting regular pap smears are vital for good health during the sexually active years. The CDC recommends that women who are younger than 25 should be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia every year.

Women should start receiving regular pap smears when they reach the age of 21 to screen for HPV, or human papillomavirus. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that can be a predisposing factor leading to cervical cancer.

Start exercising and eating right.

A lack of exercise or a poor diet put women in their 20s at a higher chance of developing diabetes or other similar, chronic conditions, according to the University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics. Now is the decade to start exercising and eating for your later years.

Daily doses of exercise thwart several aging factors—stress, obesity, heart disease, diabetes. The longer you’re physically active, the less you may notice getting older. Many 20-somethings make the mistake of devoting their workout simply to endless cardio and crunches. While lots of cardio is great, especially if you mix it up, it’s important to also do weight training. Weight training builds muscle definition. Weight training also builds bone density, which is crucial for preventing osteoporosis and helps you remain active later in life.

Sun damage now heightens later risk.

Twenty-something’s young adults also are often at risk for melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer which can occur at any stage of adult life. High exposure to UV rays can cause damage to the DNA in our skin cells. The sun damage we suffer in our twenties when we spend hours on the beach in search of a golden tan heightens the risk of melanoma as we age. Young women and men should use sunscreen whenever they’re outdoors.

Apply sunscreen all year round and not just during vacation. Don’t let the holidays fool you by staying out for hours in the sun when your body is telling you to seek shade.

Get proactive about mental health.

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health conditions among young adults, and suicide was the second leading cause of death among people between the ages of 10 and 34 in 2017, according to the CDC.

It’s important to be aware of – and protect – your mental wellbeing from your 20s on. If you feel anxiety or stress affecting you, get help. See your family doctor or general practitioner if you don’t know where to turn. Getting the right help and support now will help you manage your mental health for the decades to come.

The risk for chronic diseases and other health problems increases with the years. Be proactive now in safeguarding your health. Take advantage of your wellbeing to learn how to recognize and prevent the health concerns that face us all as we age.

Kourtney Kardashian unsure if sister Khloe will ever reunite with Tristan Thompson

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t know if her sister Khloe will ever reunite with ex Tristan Thompson, but praised her “very strong” sibling for being “the best mom” to her 12-month-old daughter True.

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, due to air on Monday (29Apr19), Kourtney was asked if she thinks there’s a chance of a reconciliation between Khloe and Tristan, who officially split in February amid rumours he’d cheated with family friend Jordyn Woods.

“I don’t know. I don’t think that deeply into it,” Kourtney replied.

The 40-year-old reality star, who co-parents her three children with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, added: “I know that she is very strong and I just think that she’s in a really good place… I know what it’s like to want to make your family stay together because I worked really hard at that for many years.

“But I think she’s dealing with what’s happening right now and I think she’s really good at dealing with her emotions and I think moments like this really bring our family closer together. And she’s the best mom to her daughter and that’s where all of her energy is going.”

Khloe opened up about her struggles with Tristan during the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which aired in the U.S. on Sunday night. As the family enjoyed a trip to Bali, Khloe visited a medium and spiritual healer, who told her: “Sometimes people love you, but you feel sad. But there is something that is hurting you in your mind and you felt a traumatic experience. You can not forget that. Sometimes you don’t trust the person you’re with now.”

Reflecting on the experience, Khloe told the show cameras: “Ever since what’s happened with Tristan and I, nobody knows I fight an inner battle with myself in regards to what is the best thing to do for my relationship and for me. This woman is spot on with me and it’s kind of freaking me out.”

The scenes were filmed prior to Khloe’s eventual split from Tristan – the sportsman faced numerous allegations of cheating during his relationship with the reality star.

Since the breakup, Khloe has been throwing herself into life as a single mother, and shared several sweet clips of daughter True taking her first steps on her Instagram page over the weekend.

Kodak Black’s Gig on Lil Wayne’s Turf Triggers High Alert

Kodak Black‘s been talking mad trash about Lil Wayne for about a week, and now that he’s about to do a show in Weezy’s hometown … the venue’s going full-bore to prep for violence.

Kodak’s slated to perform at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts in New Orleans next week, and we’re told the venue honchos think the rapper’s mouth will have some Wayne fans looking for revenge.

The backstory, for those not on black Twitter, is that Kodak was at Miami’s LIV nightclub last weekend, and thought Wayne was coming to show some love. When he didn’t, Kodak got pissed, grabbed a mic and called Wayne a “f***in’ maggot” — and added, “You should’ve died when you was a baby.”

When Weezy’s daughter, Reginae Carter, called out Kodak for disrespecting her pops — he called her “bald head.” Then Reginae’s mom, Toya Wright, weighed in … and Kodak unloaded, saying … “@toyawright If I Ain’t Have No Girlfriend I’ll F**k Da S**t Out Yo Fine Ass.”

And, that’s why we’re told security at the NOLA venue will be monitoring social media for any direct threats referencing Kodak’s show. Additionally, New Orleans PD will assist with extra security to keep Kodak safe.

For the record, Weezy hasn’t responded at all, but turf wars can get real.

Remember what happened during Pusha T‘s show in Drake’s hood wasn’t pretty.