DJ Mustard Celebrates 29th Birthday with Pricey Ketchup, Mustard Chain

DJ Mustard Celebrates 29th Birthday with Pricey Ketchup, Mustard Chain

DJ Mustard treated himself on his birthday … with some expensive condiments.

The famed producer behind some of hip-hop’s sickest beats turned 29 on Wednesday and celebrated with new bling. DJ Mustard commissioned celebrity jeweler Eliantte, who came up with a clever pendant. Over 400 carats of VS diamonds and more than 2 kilos of gold make up a tiny ketchup figurine bottle chasing, naturally, a mustard one.

A bunch of diamonds also make out “10 Summers” on the center of the pendant … in homage to Mustard’s first studio album. Two brand new links designed by Eliantte complete the shiny birthday gift he received last night. The gift wasn’t cheap either … a cool $650k!!!

DJ Mustard — who earned the stage name because his first name is Dijon (as in Dijon mustard, get it?) — said the new pendant gives his stage name a whole new meaning. He wrote on Instagram, “Always be mustard, never have to Ketchup.”

The hitmaker listed some proud accomplishments … from winning a Grammy this year to moving “my sister and mom out of the hood” and putting countless of his friends in better positions to take care of their families.

Don’t Let These Foods Sabotage Your Digestion

Certain foods screw up digestion by messing with the good bacteria that help break down our food and keep our intestines healthy. Unless you limit consumption of these 14 sneaky disrupters or skip them altogether, you may suffer the bloating and gas that accompany indigestion. Here are the culprits, and remember: If you need a healthy-gut-bacteria boost, taking over the counter probiotics can help relieve GI discomfort.

Citrus Fruit

These acidic foods can irritate the lining of your stomach and lead to heartburn or acid reflux. Load up on applesauce or bananas to help ease discomfort.


Caffeine in coffee speeds up the digestive tract and may cause diarrhea. Coffee causes the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL), which can cause heartburn and indigestion. Try to limit your coffee intake daily by drinking caffeinated teas instead and don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach.


Blame the insoluble plant fiber cellulose in corn and the fact that humans lack the enzyme needed to break it down in our bodies. If you do eat corn, chew it thoroughly before you swallow or it can pass through your system undigested and cause an upset stomach.


Booze is a common trigger of leaky gut, and alcoholic drinks cause inflammation which can lead to problems with your digestive tract.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin altered the gut bacteria that controls metabolism. It can lead to an increased propensity to convert food into fat, according to one study. Stick to brown sugar and use in moderation.


Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower contain hard-to-digest plant fibers and complex sugars. The result? Gas. Consider taking a digestive supplement that contains enzymes to help break down those fibers.


The gum carrageenan is used as a stabilizer in organic and natural foods like soy milk, low-fat yogurt, salad dressing, and ice cream. Research suggests this seaweed derivative may cause inflammation and lead to ulcerations and inflammatory bowel disease.

Fried Food

Fried foods can cause problems in two ways. Either they move undigested through the body too quickly and cause diarrhea or the low-fiber foods can linger in your digestive tract too long and produce bloating and potentially constipation.


An increasing number of people are finding they can’t properly digest gluten. If you find you’re experiencing bloating, pain, gas, or diarrhea after eating foods like bread and pasta, the gluten in grains might be to blame.

Milk, soft cheese and ice cream

People who lack the digestive enzyme lactase have difficulty processing lactose, a sugar found in milk. Try hard aged cheeses that have lower amounts of lactose. Hint: Avoid eating too much dairy at one sitting. The food ends up being digested in the large intestine instead of the stomach and can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, and gas.


Some people have a really hard time digesting nuts. The small pieces may irritate as they wash over some already-irritated or inflamed areas of the gastrointestinal system. Substitute nut butters, which are smooth and don’t have any sharp edges.

Onions and Garlic

Onions, garlic and wheat products contain a group of sugars and fibers known as fodmaps that aren’t absorbed well in the small intestine. They can cause gut issues such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation.

Raw Food

Use appropriate precautions when handling raw animal products such as raw meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood. Cook foods to proper temperatures to destroy bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Don’t leave perishable foods unrefrigerated for more than two hours to prevent bacterial growth.

Sugar-free Foods

Sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, maltitol and xylitol are frequently added to sugar-free candies and gum. They can cause bloating and gas. When you eat too many, they can act as a laxative. Avoid foods that list a sugar alcohol in the first three ingredients.

Kylie Jenner Files Docs to Secure ‘Kylie Hair’ and Dominate Hair Industry

Kylie Jenner is officially trying to get her hands on just about everything under the sun … filing docs to take over the hair industry.

Jenner has applied for a trademark for “Kylie Hair” — a line to include hair care products — shampoos, conditioners, oils, gels, mousse and dye. Kylie’s plans don’t just stop at what to put in your hair, she’s also trying to lock down products to style it too … dryers, curling irons and brushes.

Kylie’s older sister, Kendall, also recently filed docs to trademark bags, clothing and hair accessories under her own name.

Kylie Cosmetics is already a giant brand — it’s made her a billionaire — and Kylie Skin is set to be a massive success as well.

TMZ broke the story, Kylie filed to trademark “Kylie Baby” earlier this week … a line to include strollers, cribs, bouncers, bottles and a whole lot more.

The Kylie Empire continues to spread its wings.

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Jacob Anderson Says Unhappy Fans’ Petition ‘Sucks’

“Game of Thrones” star Jacob Anderson is a straight shooter — he’s got sage advice for some ‘Thrones’ fans and a harsh reaction to that angry fans’ petition, but his opinions are totally Unsullied.

The actor who plays Grey Worm on the HBO series was out in NYC Thursday afternoon snapping selfies with fans and even quoting lines from the show when we hit him up about 2 hot topics.

First, he weighs in on the baby-naming craze inspired by ‘GoT’ characters, which many parents might be regretting after what Daenerys did last week. Even though Jacob says he’s happy with Grey Worm’s final curtain call on the show, he doesn’t recommend naming a little one after him.

Seems like a good call.

His next take’s a little more controversial — Jacob had just 2 words for pissed off fans who are circulating a petition to remake the show’s 8th and final season because they think the writers are blowing it. We think Dany would be proud of his take.

BTW, Jacob’s already turning the page from ‘GoT’ … with his music career.

He performs under the name Raleigh Ritchie, and his music’s been skyrocketing in popularity along with this ‘Thrones’ character.

At least that doesn’t ‘suck.’

Honey Boo Boo Living with Her Sister While Mama June Gambles with BF

Mama June‘s youngest daughter, 13-year-old Alana — aka Honey Boo Boo — has been forced to move in with her sister … while June lives the casino life with her felon boyfriend.

Sources close to June tell us 19-year-old Pumpkin (gov’t name, Lauryn), is now serving as a de facto guardian to Honey Boo Boo. We’re told HBB’s been living with Pumpkin for several months and helps look after Lauryn’s 1-year-old daughter, Ella.

Family sources tell us, Alana and June’s other daughters understand their mom is going through a tough time … and want to keep their distance from her and the “drama.”

We’re told June rarely sees her family these days.

TMZ broke the story … cops were called to a gas station in Alabama back in March after a domestic dispute between June and her boyfriend Geno Doak. According to the report, Doak threatened to kill June during the argument.

When cops arrived they busted June for possession of crack cocaine.

June was ordered to stay away from Doak by a judge, but she’s clearly ignoring that … shacking up with him at an Alabama casino and routinely hitting the slots.

June’s family has urged her to get away from Doak — as they feel he’s a bad influence — but our sources say their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

John Lennon’s Tracksuit from 1970s Trip with Yoko Ono Goes Up for Sale

John Lennon and Yoko Ono had some serious swag back in the day, and now a piece of their stylish relationship can be yours … if you’ve got an eye for 5-figure tracksuits.

John’s tracksuit, worn during a 1970 trip to Denmark with Yoko, is going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments in Time — and they’re hawking this vintage getup for a cool $35,000.

John’s tracksuit actually has a pretty interesting story … it comes from the collection of Yoko’s ex-husband, Tony Cox, and John wore it when he and Yoko traveled together to Denmark to visit her ex and their daughter, Kyoko.

Not only did John and Yoko wear matching tracksuits on their European adventure … they also chopped off their hair in the name of peace!!!

As you know … John and Yoko married in Feb. 1969, and that sparked a legal battle with Cox over custody of their daughter. The trip to Denmark was a shot at reconciliation, and John and Yoko were as chill as could be in their comfy tracksuits.

Now John’s tracksuit can be yours … sans the drama of ex-husbands and child custody battles.

June Ambrose Flubs at CFDA Awards, Asks if Kate Spade is Attending

June Ambrose gets the award for most cringe-worthy moment at the 2019 CFDA Awards … after making a monumental mental slip about the late Kate Spade.

The costume designer and star of “Styled By June” was chatting up celebs arriving Monday night at the fashion awards show at the Brooklyn Museum — which was live streamed — when she made a shocking and insensitive gaffe.

June was interviewing entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman and asked what designer she was wearing. When she said she was wearing Kate Spade, June replied … “Are you here with Kate? Is she here?”

Seemingly unaware that the famous fashion designer died a year ago by suicide, Ambrose continued to look around for Spade and asked if she’d skipped past her. Bronfman was visibly rattled, but kudos to her for handling it with class and finding a way to NOT shame June.

People watching online, however, didn’t let June’s slipup slide — blasting her online for being clueless and insensitive.

Ambrose indirectly acknowledged her mistake when she signed off, saying … “It has been my honor and pleasure to host, screw up and cause chaos tonight on this carpet for you. I hope you enjoyed and learned as much as I did.”

She also tweeted early Tuesday morning, apologizing for her mistake, and admitting she made “an error.”

Kaley Cuoco Selling Home as ‘Big Bang Theory’ Ends

Kaley Cuoco is moving on, not just from “The Big Bang Theory” … she’s also unloading her awesome estate.

Our real estate sources say she’s just listed her $6.9 million home in the super-exclusive Mulholland Park estates in Tarzana.

The 7 bedroom home is in a super secure gated area. Some of the celebs who have lived there or still call the place home include Kevin Hart, Khloe and Lamar, Kendall Jenner, Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, Christina Aguilera, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Slash and Magic Johnson.

As for Kaley’s home, listed by Keller Williams agent Stephanie Vitacco, it’s 8,000 square feet, customized to the 9’s, has a library, an amazing outdoor entertaining area, and a pretty awesome backyard with a pool.

‘Big Bang’ — pretty much the most popular comedy during its run — is wrapping after 12 seasons. The show wraps May 16. Kaley, who plays Penny, says, “It’s broken my heart. I am so sad that it’s ending. For the record, I would have done 20 more years.”

Well, the 33-year-old now has new territory to conquer, both in show biz and real estate.

Post Malone Says Country Fans Should Get Off Lil Nas X’s Ass Over Wranglers

Post Malone thinks country fans need to calm the f*** down and stop bitching about Lil Nas X not having country cred.

We got Post Saturday night leaving Wally’s in Bev Hills and asked him about the big stick over “Old Town Road,” where Lil Nas X gives a strategic shout out to Wrangler jeans. Some country fans think (A) Wranglers are exclusively country so he shouldn’t be a pitchman, and (B) he’s not country at all.

Post makes solid points … (A) country singers, like Sam Hunt, rap and that’s no big deal, and (B) Wranglers have never been the exclusive domain for country fans.

As for who has the last laugh, “Old Town Road” has been numero uno for 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

How To Look Gorgeous This Summer

When you think about summer looks, it always comes down to the need to look tanned and have the perfect hairstyle. With the sun shining so bright, you probably want to show off your sexy body and finally jump in your lightweight floral dresses and sandal wedges. To make your summer days fabulous and your look gorgeous, take a look at our tips below.

If your skin is fair, even the lightest sunrays will make you look brightly white. That’s why you should think about spray tan, or maybe about using some of those fabulous self-tan creams, foams and pastes. With only one quick application your skin will get just enough bronze to make the transition between brightly white and bronzing tan less of a hassle. Tinted moisturizers are perfect for summer use instead of foundations because they’ll make your skin look flawless, moderately tanned without clogging your pores during the hot summer days.

Minimum makeup
Natural beauty is gaining popularity, precisely because there’s nothing more beautiful than bare skin that can actually breathe during the hot summer weather. Sweat, heavy air and sunlight are the worst possible combination for your face, which is why you should bring the makeup use to a bare minimum. A mascara to open up your look, a face serum to give your skin some hydration, a dash of blush for more definition and a delicate lipstick for a more attractive pout. Anything else would simply be too much and wouldn’t last two hours without starting to cake, fall off or smear under the hot temperatures.

Inject lip fillers
Asymmetrical lips or simply two thin lips can make a girl really unhappy. Having in mind that a non-invasive cosmetic procedure could significantly improve the way you look and feel, you should definitely consider getting lip fillers and feel better in your own skin. In a single treatment, your lips will get shape, structure, and volume they need to look flawless. Just make sure you consult the doctor about the size of the lips you want to get because it shouldn’t be disproportionate to the rest of your face, but it should look as natural as possible.

Style your hair differently
The way your hair looks contributes immensely to your overall look. That’s precisely why you should think about changing something about your hair this summer, and give it an extra va-va-voom for the upcoming beach season. It seems that afro curls are going to be the hit of the season, so think about getting a perm and feeling a bit of that African vibe on your ‘do. Not only will the locks look stunning while your hair is loose, but you’ll also be able to style it more quickly and tie it up without much fuss.

Eat right
One of the key factors to looking gorgeous is to eat well. Pick healthy fruits and veggies instead of takeout and you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to the clothes you’ll want to wear because everything will fit perfectly. Mix a variety of berries in a blender, add crushed ice and serve healthy smoothies during your breakfast or while you lounge around the house. Forget about late night snacks, but turn to leafy greens, whole grains and protein to be sure your body is working well. Drink plenty of water and only indulge in mojitos and cosmopolitans a couple of times a month.

Don’t forget the sunblock
You can’t have healthy and good-looking skin without protecting it the right way, which is why you’ll have to pay special attention to sunscreens. As soon as you start wearing short sleeves and skirts, start applying sunblock even when you’re going out to run errands. Just because you’re not lying under the sun and listening to the waves, it doesn’t mean that the sun won’t affect you. You’ll be exposed to it for a certain amount of time, so don’t let those 40-60 minutes leave long-term consequences on your skin. Slather on the SPF on your face, arms legs and any other part of the body that will be exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Final thoughts
You can easily look gorgeous this summer if you only follow a few simple rules. All you need to do is take care of your diet, cut back on makeup use, always use sunblock, improve the look of your lips, invest in self-tan cosmetics and change up your hairstyle, for the most flawless look of the summer.