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Nail Art Supplies You Need to Have

Gone are the days when you had to stick with plain colours for your nails. Now, you can go crazy with whatever nail art design you want to have. You might have even viewed some online videos on nail arts and sometimes they can go crazier than you can ever imagine.

There are times when you want to give them a try as well. You can do so with the use of the right nail art supplies. Here are the things you need to have that amazing nail art you have always wanted.

Nail art stickers

They can help spruce up your nails. There are stickers available with tons of amazing designs. You can even buy them in stores where you can have the stickers customised. As long as they have strong adhesive backing, they will stay on.

Dotting tools

As the name implies, they are used for creating dots. They also come in different sizes. There are some nail designs that look great when there are dots involved. They will now be easier to create with the help of these tools.


You can now have shiny nails with the help of these rhinestones. They come in different sizes and colours. They will surely bring glamour to your nails. This is the best way to have those luxurious nails come to life.

Glass beads

If those rhinestones are not enough, you might want to get some glass beads. They will help in creating a 3D effect on the nails. No one will tell you that you still have boring nails when you use these beads.

Nail polish

There are different shades of nail polishes available. Make sure that you have one for every shade available. You don’t know your mood. You might like a darker shade one day and pure white the next. It is good to have different colours in your kit.


There are two types of coats for your nails. The topcoat dries quickly. This gives a unique lustre to your nails. The designs will also come to life with the proper coating. Basecoats, on the other hand, are used first before applying anything to the nails.


You might not understand why this is included in your nail art supplies. They are perfect for picking up small items used and for creating dots. They also help a lot when it comes to water marbling. Scissors and tweezers also play a huge role as they can be used for really small objects.

Nail polish remover

Obviously, you have to keep the nails totally clean and dry before putting on a new layer of nail art. This comes in handy as it is easy to use. Even darker shades can be removed with the right nail polish remover.

Nail art brushes

You are dealing with an artistic design after all, so it is a must to have the right nail art brush. They come in different sizes depending on your needs.

All these supplies and more can be found at Jealous Nail Supplies. Take a look at what they offer and complete your nail art kit now.


We often look for ideas to obtain beautiful skin. We become so passionate about having a beautiful and glowing skin that we forget to look into the pros and cons behind what we are busy with. We may not realize this at the correct time but we get to know about our mistakes once we face the result. The most sensitive part of the body is our skin. If not taken care of in the right manner the pure skin will destroy.

When we talk about having a presentable look than the first thing that we think of is our facial beauty. Usually, we resort to artificial techniques of beauty like makeup, scrub, facial, bleach, massage, etc. We get too lost in these things that we never have time to see the results and when we have to face any side effects, in that case, we tend to create panic.

In all the field, especially entertainment you need to be especially careful about your looks. But sometimes we are so influenced by it that we also use those wrong makeup. The simple makeup of the models and actors involves a good basic layer. The basic level of makeup depends on person to person as to what defines their basics.

One can not actually deny the use of makeup especially in the long run but can actually take care of their skin by using the herbals products that are actually good for health. Those products are easily available because everything is natural. We all should note that natural products will always contribute to enhancing our health. They cannot lead to any sort of side effects because natural things are not expiry.

Kick Off the New Year with a Fitness Inspired Holiday

Sticking to your resolution of getting fit and healthy can be hard when it’s dark and cold outside in January and February. Going for a run when it’s literally freezing isn’t much fun. So, why not combine your New Year’s resolution with the chance for a holiday overseas? The following offer a variety of fitness inspired vacation ideas, of which at least one should appeal to those looking to get active in the New Year.

Visit a Hot Yoga Retreat

Relax, stretch and unwind with a week or two at one of the many yoga retreats around the world. Far from being too strenuous, it should make sure you return rejuvenated and not burned out. As the home of yoga, Asia is always popular, with India and Bali both providing a serene setting, whether you’re a beginner or expert.

Run to the Hills

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a running holiday and it’s a great way to see more of a place while improving your fitness. From trail weekends to sports marathon training in Portugal, choose one that’s at your level and somewhere you’d like to go.

Enjoy a CrossFit Cruise

The idea of going on a cruise instantly conjures up images of retired couples sailing off into the sunset. But this is the 21st century and that’s not always the case. Now there are cruises offering fitness and wellness workshops onboard, so you can keep fit at sea and take in the culture of different places when docked.

Trek Through the Mountains

Along a similar line, walking holidays aren’t just for those in later life. They offer a great way to explore hard to reach areas and learn more about the place with a local guide. Plus, for a more active experience with Headwater there are routes and groups to suit all abilities.

Cycle Central America

A cycling holiday is a fantastic idea but in winter the cold, wet weather poses quite a challenge. Instead, head to somewhere warm and drier, such as Central America. This way you can get through a few countries at once as you head over roads and mountain paths, depending on your chosen route.

Ski You Later

One of the most common types of active holidays are ski trips. Across Europe there are loads of potential destinations where you can learn and practise your skiing skills, burning calories, improving fitness levels and having fun at the same time. Many places allow you to borrow skis and equipment too, so you don’t have to fork out a few thousand pounds first.

5 Reasons to Get a Manicure This Summer

Getting your nails done is the ultimate pampering session. And while putting on some polish at home can be a quick fix, getting a real manicure done will feel completely different, and if you need reasons to get it done, here are just a few:

Healthy hands and nails
A manicure is a lot more than just putting on nail polish. The first step is cleaning and shaping: the beautician will clean your nails thoroughly from any previous coats that were on there and shape your nails to grow straight and long. After you pick your color and you’re done with the beauty part, they’ll apply oil to the cuticles, making them soft and strong – especially important for cuticle/nail biters! They will also put on hand cream and massage your entire hand, improving circulation and hydrating your skin. When you step outside, you will feel like you can be a hand model and you won’t want to stop holding your own hand. The base coat applied under the polish will help feed and nourish your nails, while the top coat will protect them from breaking.

Me time
There’s nothing like visiting a spa to make yourself feel like you are worth a million bucks. It’s amazing “me” time that you deserve, and no matter the stress and chaos going on in your life, getting your nails done at a salon will always make you feel better. No matter where in the world you are, whether you’re in a nail salon in Hong Kong or in LA, you will feel amazing. It’s also akin to therapy, as you’re very likely to overshare with your beautician while getting your treatment. And if you’re getting it together with one of your besties – now it’s a party. If you make getting manicures a habit (and you really should), you’ll start looking forward to your sessions knowing that it’s a time just for you to relax and unwind.

Feel empowered
You know how sometimes you just put on a good pair of heels and all of a sudden, you’re walking with your head higher? Or you put on red lipstick and you feel like you can take over the world? Well, having your nails done can have the exact same effect. You will feel more put-together and like you can take over the world. Even more important – having plain, jagged nails will make you feel like you aren’t really ready for anything, and you might worry what someone is going to assume about you. But if you get a manicure – especially one that will last a bit longer – you can be sure you’ll be feeling great every day of the year.

Protection from outside conditions
If it’s cold where you live and your nails are exposed to wind, rain and snow, or even if you just have them in water often, like while washing dishes, working as a hairdresser or swimming daily – your nails are going to suffer. Having a manicure will help protect them from all of those factors by wrapping them in a tight protective layer from all sides. Your nails will grow stronger and they won’t break or warp.

Do something good for you
Most women are givers – we only care about others around us being happy, even if it means we put ourselves last. But those days are over, and you know you deserve to do something nice for yourself. Book a manicure, doll yourself up to go there and enjoy it. Besides all the benefits you’ll get from it, you’ll feel better just knowing you did something nice for yourself.

Can You Get A Safe Sun Tan?

Is there a way to safely tan without the damage that may lead to skin cancer? Dermatologists say no, that even the lightest tan is evidence your skin is shielding you against the sun’s rays. But you can prevent burns and protect your skin from too much damage. Moderate sun exposure is important in helping the body produce vitamin D, which boosts the immune system and promotes healthy bones, teeth and skin. The sun also boosts serotonin, which eases anxiety. So steer clear of skin cancer risks and premature aging. Use these tips for the safest sun tan.

Eat for sun protection.
On top of using a sunscreen, there are specific foods that can help shield you from the sun. Eating lycopene, an antioxidant found in red and orange fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, can increase your skin’s own SPF sun protection by 33 percent. Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, while caffeine is thought to help cut your skin cancer risk. Fish, which is rich in omega-3, has anti-inflammatory benefits. Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids that can help protect skin against sunburn.

Check your sunscreen expiration.
Look at the label to see if the last year’s sunscreen you just found hidden in the back of the medicine cabinet has expired. An older sunscreen becomes less effective or may not work at all if it’s reached the expiration date. Did you store the bottle in a cool, dry place? If so, you may get more longevity out of it.

Choose the right formula.
Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen or one carrying the UVA logo along with the word “high”. You want a product that will protect you against both UVA and UVB rays. Both can cause skin cancer, while UVB rays burn and UVA rays can age skin prematurely.

Choose sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 but up to 50. Choosing an SPF of 75-100 only increases the sun protection by 1-2%. This can give you a false sense of security and encourage you to stay in the sun longer.

If you’re planning to go swimming near coral reefs or other sensitive habitats, make sure your sunscreen is reef safe. That means making sure oxybenzone and octinoxate are not listed in the ingredients in your sunblock. In order for mineral sunblocks to leave corals untouched, they must be “non-nano”, meaning the ingredient particles must be above 100 nanometers in size so that they cannot be ingested by corals. This should say this on the bottle of sunscreen.

Recognize your skin’s shut-off point.
The old days of lounging by the pool for long periods to deepen your tan are over. Scientists know that our skin has a shut off switch and stops producing any more melanin at a certain point. The cut off comes for the fair skinned much quicker than for the medium toned, who should keep tanning time between two and three hours. Stay out longer and you risk burning and UV damage.

Get into the shade.
Shade is your friend. Getting out of the sun and into the shade for a break will lower UV intensity and reduce your risk of sunburn. Be especially careful to protect yourself from sun damage between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is often strongest. If you’re planning to stay outside, cover up with a wide-brimmed hat, UV-blocking sunglasses, partial shade when available, and appropriate sunblock.